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How To Plug Tire With 5 Year Review Of DC Jack
392 views · May 22, 2022
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5 years and this jack is still going as we lift our Jeep to plug the tire. I know we have had a mixed bit of feedback about this jack, Positive and Negative. This is a  great gift for people that drive and may not have the ability to break the lugs loose or pump the jack to lift the car. For all that can lift there car and want to carry a floor jack, or battery impact, or whatever solution you use, that is great, you do you.

In this video we talk about this eclectic jack, how long we have used it, the construction, and why is the color orange. We then jack up the rear tire on the jeep with no issues, and yes these tires are not factory at 32 inches. We then pull out the nail in the tire and plug it, all things we have added to our jack kit to make it better for us. The tire plugs can be harder to get in so those who can't do this part, a jack kit like this is still a great option to change the tire to a spare.

I lifted a 6000 lb truck with 35-inch tires, then rotated the tires with this jack, see link for video

Stuff We Used In Video:
One ton version no longer made.
Amazon link for 3-ton version:
Amazon link for 5-ton version:
Link to many emergency dc car jack kit:
Tire Plug Kits:
Steel Safety Wheel Chock: Foldable Tire Stop:

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00:00 Intro How To Plug Tire With 5 Year Review Of DC Jack
1:49 Lifting the jeep with 12-volt dc jack
2:26 How To Plug a Tire
5:00 Lower Jack and Air Tire With DC Jack
6:12 Our Final Thought On This DC Jack

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