Install Windshield Wipers, Why Paying Someone Can Be Really Expensive
43 views · May 18, 2022
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What you need to know about changing windshield wipers and avoiding costly damage. It is very common for windshields to be damaged during wiper changes, according to a man we interviewed. He told us he receives around two calls a week from dealerships breaking windshields when they replace wipers. Moreover, we were told that they rarely let the customer know if their window has been dinged. Therefore, on the following hot day, you will return to find a crack in your windshield.

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How To Remove The Old Wiper Blade

Before installing new windshield wipers, you must remove the old, worn out ones. Because the wiper arm is a spring-loaded metal projectile and your windshield is glass, it is essential to remove them with care. You risk scratching or cracking the windshield if you make a clumsy move. If you are really worried, you may want to put a towel over the window. 

Ensure the new wiper blade is ready to go on before removing the old one. The old wiper should be removed by lifting it away from the windshield. I never let go of the wiper blade arm, even though the arm should remain in the up position. While holding the wiper arm, depress the tap on the underside of the wiper blade that secures it to the arm. When the tab is depressed, the wiper blade should slide off.

How To Install New Wiper Blades

Re-installing the wiper blade should be done in reverse of what you did to remove it. Please refer to the video or picture if you are unsure. As you can see, the plastic clip that attaches the wiper to the metal arm has a flat end and a curved end. Turn the plastic clip so that the curve points toward the wiper blade.

With the curve facing the wiper blade, slide the metal wiper rod hook through the wiper blade sides. Push the rod far enough so that the rod hook can pass over the plastic clip. There should be a click when the hook is slid over the clip. Try sliding the blade back off to ensure a secure grip.

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