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Lubricating your vehicle and equipment is crucial for long life and reduced repair costs. The constant movement of ball and universal joints wears out grease along with sand and water turning it into sandpaper. Regular greasing removes old grease and sand that has contaminated it. The time between greasing your vehicle and equipment will vary based on use. An off-road vehicle or heavy equipment will require more maintenance than a road queen.

It isn't too difficult to locate most grease points on any vehicle or piece of equipment. If it slides or spins, it will likely require grease for the bearings. If it doesn't need grease, then you have a sealed bearing. These are awesome until they fail. I had a universal failure on my truck leaving my driveshaft on the trail.

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00:00 Grease Suspension How To Find The Lube Points
01:22 How To Refill A Grease Gun
04:26 How To Find Grease Zerks And Grease Suspension 
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