How To Change Manual Transmission Oil "Stick Shift" || Jeep Mods E45
998 views · May 19, 2022
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How to change the manual transmission oil, flush the old oil, and get fresh gear oil in. The need for gear oil changes is even more important if you drive your car, truck, SUV, Jeep offroad. Even when your gearbox seals are brand new, mud can sneak in, when hot and cold meet, it suckage "Contracts sucking in Cold Mud". Afterward, your oil might resemble Chocolate Milk, not good for the handshaker "gearbox". 

Tools And Parts Used:
Manual Transmission Fluid "Check Your Specs":
Gear Lube Pump - Fits One Quart or One Liter Bottles:
Milwaukee 18-Volt Drill and Impact Driver Kit:
Husky Mechanics Tool Set:

While changing the gear oil in a manual transmission ain't hard, well getting the oil out is easy. When you are ready to put the gear oil back in, you realize that oil cannot defy gravity and pour upward. A sterndrive pump we use on our boat to change gear oil solved the challenge of adding oil. Using the pump makes this doable, you will pump a lot, but it works better than some of the other videos I have seen.

Once the old was changed guess what the testing was, if you say trailing you are right, the jeep was out for the night with our son's friends. It seems muddy gear oil isn't the best lubricant for the jeep, according to our son shifting is a dream. We did change the old oil again, not as muddy as the first time, after driving for a month with the new oil.

Our son has sworn off mudding after changing the manual transmission oil and gears oil on both the front and rear. No, he hasn't stopped trailing, of course not, he now drives around the mud holes. He knows that after mudding his dad "Chris Does What" will have his grease and check his jeep.

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02:53 Location Of Drain And Fill Plug On Jeep YJ
04:45 Flushing A Manual Transmission
06:47 Add Oil To Manual Transmission With Pump
09:58 Our Two Cents After Transmission Gear Oil Change
13:28 Transmission Bloopers And Outtakes

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