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Fix Sagging And Rough Ride On Your Truck Or Jeep For Free
494 views · May 18, 2022
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How to fix both a rough ride or a sagging Jeep, Truck, or Car with leaf springs. This video shows you how to relieve bent suspension tension, relax your ride, and reduce lean. Although it will not fix worn springs or bushings, you should still follow these steps when you replace the worn parts. 

Due to a damaged leaf spring, we demonstrate this with our Jeep. As a result, the shackle collapsed against the frame, pushing the front passenger side upward. Having the front raised caused the rear drivers side to sag, not pretty. As a result, there was a very rough ride, and drivability issues.

How To Install Rough Country Lift:

Having replaced the spring, see the video above if you are doing more extensive suspension work, it was time to relax the suspension. The ride of your lifted vehicle may be compromised if the leaf spring shackle position doesn't match the above thumbnail. Tools needed are a tape measure, wrenches, sockets, and a torque wrench impact.

First, we want to measure at each corner of the vehicle or at each tire to see how much correction is needed. The following steps will only correct an inch of suspension ride height difference if you have not replaced any components. Once you have your baseline showing you how much correction is needed, you can loose the shackles. Don't take the nut off all the way, just loosen them. 

You may need to loosen the bracket that holds the other side of the leaf spring. Although I didn't think I would have to loosen the leaf spring frame mount, I did. Once the springs can pivot freely on the bolts, go back and measure the results. Rock the vehicle a little to help things settle. If this corrects our issue then it is time to tighten things back up again. If not, it is time to consider rearching or replacing leaf springs.

When you tighten the leaf spring shackles and the frame mount, make sure they are torqued tp spec. Our vehicle in the video was 100 ft lb at the frame, and 95 ft lb where the spring met the shackle. Doing this got our suspension pretty close to balance. It should further settle since we did replace a front spring before doing this.

Hopefully, this will help, but we do have more detailed repairs to make, such as installing a lift. Also, we have gear change videos for those bigger tires with Dana 30 and 35 axles.

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