How To Wire An Electric Radiator Fan with Thermostat And Ignition Off || Jeep Mods E46
43 views · May 19, 2022
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Here we go over how we wired an electric fan with thermostat control that turns only runs with the ignition on. We are installing this because after we installed AC, we now have heat issues while not moving. Once driving down the road the heat issue will go away due to the airflow of movement, but this is not a good solution, especially on the trail.

Tools And Parts Used:
16 Inch Electric Radiator Cooling Fan Mounting Kit & 175-185 Degree Thermostat Relay Switch Kit Black:
TICONN 200PCS Heat Shrink Butt Connectors Kit:
Split Wire Loom Tubing Wire Conduit:
GS Power 14 AWG (True American Wire Gauge:
Milwaukee 18-Volt Drill and Impact Driver Kit:
Husky Mechanics Tool Set:

Wiring Diagram For This Electric Fan Install:

We did not install an electric fan for more HP, Torque, or better MPG, but we did see improvements even if sight both with the New AC on and off. We didn't Dyno the jeep, but the in the seat acceleration from a stop had a noticeable difference with our little 2.5L Jeep engine. The MPG just with the little driving we have been doing has improved about one MPG, with fuel prices right now every little bit helps.

The fan is not the only thing we have done to this Jeep, we have a lot of YouTube projects, so your results may vary from ours. We did the greatest performance gain project on this Jeep was the gear change going to 4:88 from 4:10. We have also replaced every senor, filter, plug, etc in Youtube videos making this little jeep run great.

Jeep Playlist:
Jeep Dana 30 & 35 Ring And Pinion Change 4.10 to 4.88
Jeep Wrangler YJ Modifications And Repairs

00:00 How To Wire An Electric Radiator Fan with Thermostat And Ignition Off
03:50 Removing A Radiator To Install Aftermarket Electric Fan
08:43 How To Mount Electric Aftermarket Fan To Radiator
11:51 Install Additional Temperature Switch And Wiring In Relay and Fuses For Electric Fan
15:36 How To Use JB Weld, We Use It To Fix Radiator Mounts
16:14 Install Radiator With Aftermarket Electric Fan Mounted To It
17:09 Going Over Aftermarket Electric Fan Wiring After Its All Run
18:27 Testing Our Newly Installed Electric Aftermarket Fan With Temperature Switch
20:03 Cleaned Up Wiring For Electric Fan Install On Jeep YJ
20:43 Finally Thoughts Of Jeep Project
23:17 Outtakes How To Wire An Electric Radiator Fan with Thermostat And Ignition Off

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