How To Replace MAP Sensor || Jeep Sputtering E06
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How to replace a manifold absolute pressure "MAP" sensor on a Jeep Wrangler YJ that we think is causing sputtering. The reason we replaced our MAP sensor was that we had an error code 14 for low or high voltage. This is bad because the MAP sensor monitors the engine vacuum to tell the load, then adjust fuel and timing based on load. If there is an issue with the map sensor it can adjust timing and fuel making your engine run bad.

This did not fix our issue, but we hope this video helps you fix your issue. We have more videos on other things we have tried for this issue, and we have plenty of other projects we have done.

Blog with video on how to get OBD code, and were Danielle almost drove through the house:

Tools and parts: 
MAP001 Manifold Absolute Pressure MAP Sensor OE. for Buick, for Cadillac, for Chevrolet, for GMC, for Hond-a, for Isuzu, for Jeep, for Oldsmobile, for Pontiac.1981-2004:
Milwaukee  18-Volt Drill and Impact Driver Kit:
268-Piece Husky Mechanics Tool Set:

Some common symptoms of a failing or bad manifold absolute pressure "MAP" sensor.

1 Getting bad miles per gallon, caused by the MAP senor seeing low vacuum and telling the ECU to advance the timing and increase fuel.
2 No Power, caused by the MAP sensor seeing a low vacuum and telling the ECU to retard timing and reduce fuel.
3 Failed Emissions, because you are dumping to much fuel and not only burning your eyes as you drive, you are dumping unburnt fuel.
4 Rough Idle. caused by not enough fuel to the injectors which may seem like the car is missing. This is why we replaced our MAP senor.
5 Hard to start, you should not have to pump the gas on a fuel-injected car to start it. 
6 Hesitation or Stalling because the jeep is running lean, the joys of pressing the go pedal and not going. This was another one of our issues with our jeep.
7 Check Engine Light BAD. We had an error code on our jeep of 14 and if you have a Jeep YJ or XJ we have a list of ECU code here, and a video on how to get them.

Jump To In Video:
00:00  How To Replace Manifold Absolute Pressure "MAP" Sensor Intro
01:06 Removing the Manifold Absolute Pressure "MAP" Sensor on a Jeep Wrangler YJ, XJ
01:26 Temp Install the Manifold Absolute Pressure "MAP" Sensor on a Jeep Wrangler YJ, XJ
01:59 Test the Map Sensor And See If the Engine Code Cleared Jeep Wrangler YJ, XJ
02:27 Installing the Manifold Absolute Pressure "MAP"
06:07 Chris & Danielle talk about this Jeep issue and other things going on

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