How To Flush Engine Coolant System And Heater Core
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We will be going over how to flush your radiator, engine, and heater core! It is critical to flush your cooling system and put fresh antifreeze in it so that your block won't crack in the winter, and prevent rust from forming. You can clearly see in our Jeep cooling system that we were flushing, why is bad. Additionally, we cover how to back flush the engine and heater core without removing the thermostat 

Choose Your Antifreeze: šŸ˜

The first step is to drain the cooling system of your vehicle. Antifreeze shouldn't be poured down a drain or dumped on the ground because it contains chemicals. Some types are sweet and can harm animals. It won't hurt to dump out water, which is a big reason to flush your cooling system. Whenever you are unsure what type of fluid is in your vehicle, capture and recycle it.

Having removed the fluid from the cooling system, you will need to disconnect the bottom hose from the radiator. When removing the hose, be sure you are not under it as there will still be fluids left in the cooling system. The hose will remain disconnected during the cooling system flush.

Take the radiator and heater core hose closest to the thermostat housing after disconnecting the bottom hose. If you are unsure of which heater hose is closest to the thermostat, look for the hose closest to the top radiator hose. With the heater core hose, we can flush the system without removing the thermostat, which requires a new gasket. 

Having disconnected the coolant system hoses, we can now use the water hose to flush the engine. Video shows this the best, but it's simply getting water through the heater core and engine. Ensure water flows through the heater core hose and the plug where it connects. By looking at the bottom radiator hose, you will be able to tell if water is getting through the cooling system.

You also want to rinse out the top radiator hose once you see clear water flowing out of the bottom radiator hose through the heater core and engine. The top radiator hose needs to be disconnected from the thermostat housing. Once it is off, you can run water through the hose and top of the thermostat house. This water won't run through the engine if you have a thermostat in the thermostat housing. 

If you don't have a thermostat, you need to install one. The absence of a thermostat will not only prevent the engine from reaching operating temperature. In the winter, the heater will remain colder for much longer. If you don't live in Florida, you probably want heat as quickly as possible.

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01:47 Drain And Take Prepare Vehicle Cooling System To Be Flushed
02:35 Flush Vehicle Cooling System With Water Hose
06:10 Putting Cooling System For Vehicle Back Together
06:49 How Not To Vaper Lock Your Cooling System While Flushing Your Engine.
07:48 After Engine Flush Steps For Success
09:37 Tips And Final Thoughts On How To Flush Engine Cooling System

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