Install Flotation Foam In Boat EP #30 || Bayliner Bowrider 175
287 views · May 28, 2022
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Installing floatation foam in the floor of our boat, not only to help float the boat after an impact to the hull but makes the floor structurally stronger. We do a little experiment and we pour a little foam in a cup to see how much it does expand. We didn't think the Liquid Urethane Closed Cell Rigid Pour 2 Lb Density Foam would expand as much as it did.

Here we show how we drilled the holes in our new boat floor. We then mix the foam doing a little math not to overfill the boat floor cavity. Finally, we plug the hole with the wood plug we drilled out of the boat floor to fill the hole.

Follow along as we breath new life into this 2004 Bayliner Bowrider.

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If you want the foam we used, see this link:

We used the Liquid Urethane Rigid Pour Foam 2 Lb Density one gallon kit. This expands to fill a little over 4 cubic foot which we thought was very good. 

The higher density foam you get the more you will need. We went with the lowest density foam we could find, we did not need to add structural strength so the 2lb foam worked great. It does make the floor firmer as it pushes against the bottom of the floor.

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Liquid Urethane Rigid Pour Foam 2 Lb Density - 1 Gallon Kit Total

Product features
Easy to use
Made in the USA
Provides strong, lasting results
Sets quickly to save you time
Very affordable
Product description
This is 2 lb. density urethane flotation foam is ideal for marine applications such as soundproofing, insulating, filling voids, and adding buoyancy. This two-part expanding foam fills cavities and can be shaped to form to keep your boat or dock floating. Foam cures to a rigid form containing 95 to 98% closed cell structure so it is unaffected by gasoline, oil, fresh or salt water, or solvents. Even after prolonged exposure, our flotation foam maintains buoyancy. Mix at a 1:1 resin to hardener ratio to ensure equal, even distribution and the strongest possible foam. This fast-acting formula allows approximately twenty seconds for mixing and pouring, as the foam will be set in place within 10 minutes. It's ready for use in just hours. 2 lb foam has a flotation range of 100-120 lbs per quart. 2 lb foam expansion: A 1/2 Gallon Kit expands to approximately 2 cubic feet; A 2-Gallon Kit expands to approximately 8 cubic feet. All expansion rates and times are given are temperature critical. Temperatures below 75 degrees F will lower the expansion rate, therefore, requiring more foam. Ideal working temperature is 75 to 80 degrees F or above. Accurate measuring is critical. Once fully cured, it can be laminated over with any type of polyester, epoxy or vinyl ester resin without melting.
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