Review 12v DC Electric Hydraulic Jack Kit, Time to Get Jacked!!!
92 views · Jun 16, 2022
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Eambrite just sent me their Hydraulic Jack and this thing is pretty cool. The company says you could change your tire on the car in 5 minutes, I have to agree with this, it really did make everything super simple. This roadside emergency kit comes with everything you need to get your tire off on the spare on. If you don't have a spare you can add a plug kit and then inflate your tire with this kit as well.

This is great for your wife, daughter, aging parents, grandparents, and people with disabilities.

I lifted a 6000 lb truck with 35-inch tires, then rotated the tires with this jack, see link for video

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Products point:
Roadside emergency kit including Combo 2 in 1 Electric hydraulic jack with an Inflatable pump inside, Electric impact wrench, Sleeves, Glove, Battery clamp,and Storage Case
Jack rated capacity: 1 Ton (2200lbs) with lifting range 6.1 inches to 17.3 inch or 5.3 inches to 14.1 inch.
340N·M electric impact wrench with 4 sizes of sleeves is able to match most cars.
Work with 12V vehicle power outlet, and operate easily just by 2 switch
Built-in safety device prevents the jack from falling and keep current height even out of power.

Technical Details
2 in 1 Combo 1 ton electric jack with an inflatable pump inside.
2 sleeves with 4 size of #17,#19,#21,#23, suitable for most of vehicles.
Cross groove saddle prevent slipping from the vehicle.
Rotating threaded rod can be spin out up to 75mm, makes cross groove saddle closer to lifting point.
In case of the power has been disconnected, self-locking power structure and safety unloading knob prevent the increased jack from falling and will not come down immediately. Then when re-connecting the power, jack will go on working in accordance with the instruction or using the safety valve manually to fall.
Storage case fits skid-proof tape and reflective tape. Skid-proof tape makes storage case nonskid at boot,reflective tape make storage case using as Reflective Safety Triangle.
Small size for easy storage in the boot "trunk".
Unique design, a good gift for your friend.

For Jack:
Input Voltage: 12VDC
Current: 13A
Fuse: 15A
Max Loading: 2200 lb (1000 kg)
Lifting Height Range: 6.1 in. -17.1 in.  (155mm-440mm)
Power Cord Length: 11.4 ft. (3.5m)
Working Temperature: 5℉ ~122℉(-15℃~+50℃)
Jack Size: 12.6 in. * 7.5 in. * 6.7 in.
Weight:11.3 lb(5.15kg)

For Inflatable Pump:
Input Voltage: 12VDC
Air Flow: 9.2 gal/min (35L/min)
Working Temperature: 5℉ ~122 ℉(-15℃~+50 ℃)
Current: 10A
Max Pressure: 10BAR/150PSI
Hose Length: 23.6 in. (0.6m)
Cylinder Diameter: 25mm
Storage Case:14.8”*14.4”*7.8”
Packing Size: 15.6”*15.2”*8.6”
Weight: 21.6lb(9.8kg)/22lb(10kg)

For Impact Wrench:
Input Voltage: 12VDC
Current: 12A
Fuse: 15A
Rated Power:100W
Socket Sizes: 7/8"(23mm), 13/16"(21mm), 3/7"(19mm) and 11/16"(17mm)
Power Cord Length: 11.5 ft. (3.5m)
Working Temperature: 5℉ ~122℉(-15℃~+50℃)
Wrench Size: 10.2 in. * 3.6 in. * 5.8 in.
Packing Size:11.8in.*7.6in.*4.9in.
Weight: 3.85lb(1.75kg)
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