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Danielle is always working on combinations of spices that are just right, releasing new recipes weekly! Scroll through all our recipe, or use our search above to explore all our culinary delights. You can also see the sections in the recipe drop down to find that delicious meal tonight.

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Chris Does What is all about things we do together, sharing the experience on our Website and YouTube. We may not always get it right but we want to share what we’ve learned in our successes and failures. Scroll through all our content for amusement and delight! You can also see the tabs above, our search for things we have done, or go to our YouTube for over 600 videos.

Our 3 latest DIYs

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How We Started

We started Chris Does What to just improve ourselves, we keep going to help others. We expanded our blog to cover things like cooking with some great recipes from “Dining in with Danielle“. You can also check us out at Chris Does What on YouTube, to see our unscripted videos, reality at its best.

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Working together, we go over many things we have done right or wrong to get where we are, we pass this information on to you in hopes it will improve your life. In this blog, we are fairly broad, but we mostly cover topics that have personally benefited us. Below is a high-level view of the content on the blog as well as on YouTube.

What We Do

  1. Lifestyle covers all the above in a package, and while we work to remove toxic things from our life, we want to pass on what we learned to you.
  2. Finances, while being wealth will not always make you happy, most couples conflicts come from lack of money. Here we talk about mistakes we have made, and what we are currently doing to make our life better.
  3. Health is mostly covered by my wife, but she has blessed me with good health through her knowledge of nutrition and just healthy living.
  4. How to with projects we take on ourselves, from fixing to building, we try it all.
  5. Reviews of thing we personally purchase, and vendors that reach out for product reviews.

Now for all that legal stuff, we have to cover, yes we had to adult on this!

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