Review 12v DC Electric Hydraulic Jack Kit, Biggie Gets Jacked
2K views · Jun 7, 2022
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I have seen a lot of comments that say this jack is cheap plastic and it could not lift a big truck with large tires. Well, here I am lifting a Chevy Silverado 1500 4x4 crew cab weighing 6,000 lbs with 35-inch tires! Also when you are looking at a jack for your car or truck, you don't go off the gross weight of the vehicle, you have to look at the axle weight for that tire.

This is a 1-ton jack, the total weight of the truck is over 3-tons, but just one tire is well within the limitations of the jack. One ton is equal to 2000 LB so if we divide 3 tons by 4 tires we get to a weight of 1500 LB per tire. Since this is a truck and the engine is at the front, I will estimate that for the front at weighing 500 to 1000 lb more than the back. Even at 1000, this would bring the weight at one ton per tire, the max for this jack. 

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12V DC 1 Ton Electric Hydraulic Floor Jack Set with Impact Wrench For Car Use (6.1-17.1 inch, Orange) 

 Roadside emergency kit including Combo 2 in 1 Electric hydraulic jack with Inflatable pump inside, Electric impact wrench, Sleeves, Glove, Battery clamp,and Storage Case
Jack rated capacity: 1 Ton (2200lbs) with lifting range 6.1 inch to 17.1 inch
340N·M electric impact wrench with 4 size of sleeves is able to match most cars
Work with 12V vehicle power outlet, and operate easily just by 2 switch
Built-in safety device prevent jack from falling and keep current height even out of power 

Important information
Legal Disclaimer
Please read this manual carefully before using. The material of the cover is plastic, which is easy to break, please handle it with care when using. Then if carrying it, please with the handle, NOT lifting the pressure rod. Do not overhaul the machine to avoid destroying the machine and lose the right of Guarantee. Do not work for long time, when not using, please cut off the power. Avoid the machine dropping into the water and using in the bad condition. Check the power to match well with 12V Car Cigarette Lighter before using. Take notice of the smooth floor and loading capacity when using, also pay attention to finding the exact loading position of the car before the operation of lifting. Do not overload when using the machine, make sure to keep upright with the lifting car at the same time, never operate it aslant. Do not pull the power cable casually when using, avoid the cable broken or short circuit. Make sure the car park in one side and close the engine before using. In the process of using the machine, ensure the operator stay with it all time, in case the operator have to leave for a short while, please shut off the machine first. The machine adopts the power of precise hydraulic oil, please keep the adequate ventilation, avoid doing it in the environment of high temperature and rather low temperature, while the suitable temperature should be from -15℃ to 50℃.
Product Description

1.Jack couldn't work

    Check whether turning on the auto power
    The pilot lamp for the cigarette lighter plug is on or not ,if it is destroyed,please replace it,the try again
    Whether the plug for the power cable of jack is loosen with the jack or falling off

2.The pressure rod couldn't be risen

    Confirm whether starting the motor
    Check the direction switch for up/down
    Check whether the lowest temperature is within the rang of suitable temperature for this product,if not please preheating the jack ,macking the hydraulic oil thaw
    Not using for long time maybe cause the oil is not smooth,please first up switch for starting one minute,the press down switch.

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