TakaCat In The Gulf Of Mexico With Deck's Water Adventures
28 views · Jul 22, 2022
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We went out on the Gulf Of Mexico with our friends their TakaCat. Us wanting to move on the ocean have wondered how the Catamaran dinghy performed vs a traditionally dinghy. We were really surprised how well the TakaCat performed at low tied, sometimes we ended up in a foot of water. we could still keep move when we tilled the outboard up. 

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This TakaCat  was 13 foot with a 6 hp 4 cycle outboard that can plane with 2 people. We had 4 people with 2 coolers and could get up to 6 miles an hour but not plane. This was still a lot of fun as we cruised about .5 miles off shore, and then around the canals. 

My wife was kinda worried about getting out on this dinghy and thought it would not be that stable and getting wet, this wasn't a problem.  After spending 5 hours on the water and trying to chase some dolphins down Danielle was in love. She said this would be a great dinghy for us once we get our boat. The great thing was the 5 hours used just over a gallon of gas, but we mostly idled. 

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