Our Registered Trademark Ho Maid Chef Story

Over a Year ago (October 2018), we decided we needed to marry Chris Does What, YouTube/Blog with our Dining In With Danielle, Recipe Blog! The name Ho Maid Chef is a Risque name but it means So Much more to us! We consider the name to be the Important Jobs in a relationship! Be each other’s Ho Maid Chef in ALL aspects of your life. The play on words is Fun and Says it ALL! We loved the name so much we decided to call a lawyer and go through the process of Trademarking the name! After a year, Finally, we have our Ho Maid Chef, Registered Trademark! Back when we started the process we were not sure how we would use it, but after a lot of discussion and ideas, we decided we wanted to use it as our BRAND!

Help Us Grow For Free

You will see our Brand on our Blog, YouTube, and Our Shop! The Registered Trademark Ho Maid Chef will appear on all of it! Dining In With Danielle and Chris Does What are still their own entities but now they will grow together as a Team! We hope you will become a FAN of Ho Maid Chef as our Brand, WE keeps Reaching for BIG DREAMS!

Dining In With Danielle

My Love For Cooking Began

I have been cooking since I was around 12 but I was a helper since 8 or 9! I spent time in the kitchen with my mom and twin sister cooking and baking from scratch almost every day. I grew up in a 6 people family on a budget but that doesn’t mean we didn’t eat well! Even though, I branched out when I had my own family with my cooking skills, cooking is in my blood! My husband of over 20 years is my inspiration to cook up different things and experiment with seasonings because I love to hear him say “MMMMM, that’s so good”! He also is my helper and I love it!

New Chapter In Cooking

Our goal in our family of four is to eat healthier on a budget in our own kitchen! The recipes you will find in Dining in with Danielle are all my own recipes from scratch. After many years of experimentation, these recipes are some of our favorites and for the most part easy! Our teenager and man son (when he is home) love to eat, LOL! We wanted our recipes to be something you can whip up on a whim! I also share a lot of tips and alterations of ingredients in our recipes.

Chris Does What

How we started on YouTube

We got our start on YouTube “ChrisDoesWhat” as a hobby, recording our life stories. Our continued efforts are based on the great feedback we have received. We may not do things exactly by the book, who reads instructions, but as life goes on we improve, building on past experiences. Our goal is to improve ourselves continuously, and who knows where the journey will lead us, or what our next steps will be.

Why a blog

My strength is not blogging. Having struggled with dyslexia my entire life, I never imagined doing anything that involved writing. I was able to make Danielle’s dream of writing a reality with my IT background. It has been a dream of hers since she was a child. She develops new recipes every week with a vision of writing a cookbook in the future. As a YouTube DIYer, I include specifications, technical information, and images to expand videos in this blog. 

Chris Before Danielle

Growing Up On A Ranch

My home town was a small, talking one gas station small, where this lanky boy grew up on a ranch in Texas. Being raised on a ranch in the middle of nowhere meant you had to do a lot of things on your own. Can you guess who worked the ranch? That’s right, me. My dad worked hard in the oil field, so not being home much the ranch chore list went to me. It taught me the value of hard work, giving me good skills in repair and maintenance. The pay was awesome, I had a roof over my head, and food to eat.

High School Hellion

Going to school I was more of a trouble maker, you could say high school wasn’t for me. Back when getting your butt busted was still a thing, I spent more time in the principal’s office than in class. Funny the stories I told my wife about my childhood, she would never have dated me back then. Unfortunately, I never finished High School, getting a GED and some college so I could go into the Army. I have no regrets because my path led me to Danielle, my wife since 1997.

In the Army Now

I was one of those weird people who thought basic training was easy when I was in the military. Despite my trouble-making tendencies, and getting very good at pushups, it was still easier than ranch life. Got to sleep in till 0500, exercised for a few hours, then did hands-on training that worked better.

The food was much better in the Army than the things I could make. Ate a lot of sandwiches on the ranch. Those who follow us know Danielle is the cook and I can burn water. The food in Basic gets better as you progress to AIT, but it will never compare to what my wife makes.
On to AIT where I got my advanced training for my job of 31F “Telecommunications” in the military. Funny I signed up to be a diesel mechanic. During basic, a few of us were informed this MOS was a better-suited skill for us. This job in the military was not my cup of tea back then. The training lasted nine months, the books were bigger than anything I saw in high school, and the teachers had a variety of motivational tools at their disposal “The Drill Sargent”. Later in life, I realized how great the training I got was.
As soon as I had completed my training, I got orders for Fort Lewis. It’s not a place I ever wanted to visit. Compared to Texas, Fort Lewis was a gloomy, rainy place. But this is where I met my wife, a woman who opened my eyes to new possibilities. My guess is that there is more to your life than meets the eye, thus expanding your horizons to dream things you never even knew you could dream.

Who we are

We met in Washington State at Fort Lewis Army base and got married 3 months later in 1997. A few months later we deployed to Darmstadt, Germany which sparked our interest in travel. We have revealed to many places since, love to see cultures and world views that expand our perspective.

We have two adult size boys, one in the AirForce Reserves, the other in HighSchool and taking College classes. As we teeter on the verge of becoming empty nesters we continue to plan our dreams as a couple and have big plans to expand our travels. We won’t go into details just yet but follow along as this story unfolds. 

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