Our Registered Trademark Ho Maid Chef Story

Over a Year ago (October 2018), we decided we needed to Marry Chris Does What YouTube/Blog with our Dining In With Danielle/Recipe Blog! The name Ho Maid Chef is a Risque name but it means So Much more to us! We consider the name to be the Important Jobs in a relationship! Be each other’s Ho Maid Chef in ALL aspects of your life. The play on words is Fun and Says it ALL! We loved the name so much we Decided to call a Lawyer and go through the process of Trademarking the name! After a year, Finally, we have our Ho Maid Chef Registered Trademark! Back when we started the process we were not sure how we would use it, but after a lot of discussion and ideas, we decided we wanted to use it as our BRAND!

You will see our Brand on our Blog, YouTube, and Our Shop! The Registered Trademark Ho Maid Chef will appear on all of it! Dining In With Danielle and Chris Does What are still their own entities but now they will grow together as a Team! We hope you will become a FAN of Ho Maid Chef as our Brand keeps Reaching for BIG DREAMS!

Dining In With Danielle

I have been cooking since I was around 12 but I was helper since 8 or 9! I spent time in the kitchen with my mom and twin sister cooking and baking from scratch almost everyday. I grew up in a 6 people family on a budget but that doesn’t mean we didn’t eat good! Even though, I branched out when I had my own family with my cooking skills, cooking is in my blood! My husband of over 20 years is my inspiration to cook up different things and experiment with seasonings because I love to hear him say “MMMMM, that’s so good”! He also is my helper and I love it!

Our goal in our family of four, is to eat healthier on a budget in our own kitchen! The recipes you will find in Dining in with Danielle are all my own recipes from scratch. After many years of experimentation, these recipes are some of our favorites and for the most part easy! Our teenager and man son (when he is home) love to eat, LOL! We wanted our recipes to be something you can whip up on a wim! I also share a lot of tips and alterations of ingredients in our recipes.

Chris Does What

How we started

We got our start on YouTube “ChrisDoesWhat” as a hobby to improve ourselves, we continue to help others from our experiences. Most things we do are being on past we have done, may not get it right the first time, but we think you learn the most when things do go as planned. We continually are looking for ways to improve ourselves, who knows where the journey will take us, what our next steps will be.

Why a blog

Blogging is not my strength, constantly failing English in school, I never felt that writing was for me. My wife “Danielle” loves to write, always her dream and passion since she was a little girl. You can find small writeups I do here to expand on some videos and my wife’s food creations as she develops new recipes weekly.

Who we are

We met in Washington State at Fort Lewis Army base and got married 3 months later in 1997. A few months later we deployed to Darmstadt, Germany which sparked our interest in travel. We have revealed to many places since, love to see cultures and world views that expand our perspective.

We have two adult size boys, one in the AirForce Reserves, the other in HighSchool and taking College classes. As we teeter on the verge of becoming empty nesters we continue to plan our dreams as a couple and have big plans to expand our travels. We won’t go into details just yet but follow along as this story unfolds.