Boat Restoration

The Boat | Chris Does What

We wanted a project boat and this 2004 Bayliner Bowrider really fits that description. It is in rough shape but we only paid $1000 for the 18-foot boat with trailer, this will be a restore down to the stringers on a budget of $7,000. We first have to tear the boat down, there is a piece of plywood placed what we think is a rotten floor. The Mercruiser 3.0-liter engine has a stuck valve on cylinder 3, we hope it only needs a new cylinder head, but it may need a rebuild. The wiring on this boat really needs some work, the engine wiring harness is in very rough shape, along with the rest of the boat’s wiring, there is frayed and burn wires, missing wires, and customization to wiring that was done wrong. The hull of the boat needs repair from being beached and it looks like the last owner tried to hit everything floating in the water.

We hope you enjoy following us on this journey as we breath new life into this old boat.

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