Danielle Redding

I have been cooking since I was around 12 but I was helper since 8 or 9! I spent time in the kitchen with my mom and twin sister cooking and baking from scratch almost everyday. I grew up in a 6 people family on a budget but that doesn't mean we didn't eat good! Even though, I branched out when I had my own family with my cooking skills, cooking is in my blood! My husband of over 20 years is my inspiration to cook up different things and experiment with seasonings because I love to hear him say "MMMMM, that's so good"! He also is my helper and I love it! Our goal in our family of four, is to eat healthier on a budget in our own kitchen! The recipes you will find in Dining in with Danielle are all my own recipes from scratch. After many years of experimentation, these recipes are some of our favorites and for the most part easy! Our teenager and man son (when he is home) love to eat, LOL! We wanted our recipes to be something you can whip up on a wim! I also share a lot of tips and alterations of ingredients in our recipes.