Oven Fried Chicken - Dining in with Danielle

Oven Fried Tex Mex Chicken Nuggets

Oven Fried Tex Mex Chicken Nuggets are Marinated Boneless Chicken with Tex Mex Flavors and then Floured with Wheat Flour to make a Crispy Outside! Oven Fried Chicken is our favorite way to make a Healthier Fried Chicken! These do not Disappoint! We use Wheat Flour because it is heavier, sticks to the Chicken better …

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brussels sprouts - Dining in with Danielle

Roasted Curry Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Curry Brussels Sprouts are Deliciously Marinated Fresh Brussels with Balsamic Vinegar, Fresh Garlic and Curry Powder, then Roasted in the Oven! Fresh Brussels Sprouts are absolutely Delicious when Marinated and then Roasted! This creation of Ingredients came when we started to experiment with the Spice Curry on our Original Balsamic Brussels Sprouts Recipe, which …

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